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Whether you’re looking to stock up on budget-friendly lugs or something more top of the line, Epoch is your go-to lug nut supplier. Less expensive lug nuts are typically chrome-plated and only compatible with the included key. Whereas higher-end lug nuts are constructed from materials like cold-forged steel and designed to handle the rigors of off-road use. We can supply you with lugs on both ends of the spectrum – and everything in between.

Aftermarket wheels often require the use of different lug nuts to match the seat of the new wheel. If the proper lugs aren’t used, vehicles will start to vibrate causing the lug nuts to loosen over time. Don’t let your customers worry when it comes to aftermarket products. We can supply you with wholesale lug nuts suitable for all types of wheels.


There’s a wide variety of lug nuts available on the market – some are compatible with any type of wheel while others are designed for a more custom fit. The major difference you’ll find between lug nuts is the shape of the seat – which is the component that comes into contact with the wheel itself.

Conical Tapered: This style is also known as acorn lug nuts – the most common type on the market. The base of this style tapers in at an angle. They’re designed for an easy fit.

Ball Radius: The seat on this type of lug nut is rounded or spherical. Ball seats can be hard to differentiate from conical seats when attached to the wheel due to having almost identical heads.

Flat Seat: This style is more difficult to fit and center. The seat is flat and somewhat resembles a washer.

Mag Seat: Mag lugs were originally constructed from magnesium – which is where the name ‘mag’ comes from. This type of lug nut is typically used when a longer thread is required since it has an extended thread and washer.


Lug nuts are easy to ignore, but they play a huge role in the basic operation of a car by keeping the wheels on. Make sure your customers are equipped with the best lug nuts for their vehicle – keeping safety, function, performance, and cost in mind.

Whether your customer buys their wheels from you or visits your shop with a set from a different outfitter, we can provide you with the right lugs at the right price. We’re your go-to lug nut supplier – offering the best products, best prices, and best support available.

For more information on wholesale lug nuts, contact Epoch Auto Parts today at (517) 252-9900. You can take comfort in knowing quality support is only a phone call away.

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