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Looking for a TPMS sensor wholesaler? You’ve come to the right place. Epoch Auto Parts is the leading supplier of quality auto parts to retailers across North America. We specialize in the sales of tire pressure monitoring systems that are compatible with all types of tires.

As the leading TPMS sensor supplier, we sell sensors designed to monitor the air pressure inside both regular and pneumatic tires. These systems report real-time tire pressure information to drivers via a gauge, display screen, or a low-pressure warning light.

Aftermarket TPMS kits are generally affordable and easy to install. This is the best way to add a tire pressure sensor to an older vehicle. These kits typically use sensors that are installed onto the valve system of the wheel along with an internal display. Drivers can set a tire pressure range and the sensor will give a warning if the tires go above or below that range. Some aftermarket kits monitor additional information like tire temperature or the vehicle’s battery voltage.

Make sure your customers’ are purchasing TPMS sensors that meet manufacturers’ recommendations for optimal performance and extended life. Underinflated tires show abnormal, premature wear and cause an increase in gas consumption. Overinflated tires cause rigidity, leading to a stiffer or harsher ride – premature wear can also happen with overinflation. Stock up on the industry’s leading tire pressure sensors, whether it’s digital gauges or aftermarket display systems – we have what you need.

Since TPMS sensors are affordable and easy to install, they make for a minor investment towards long-term savings. Help your customers save money with high-quality, affordable TPMS sensors from Epoch Auto Parts – your go-to TPMS sensor supplier.

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